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Preventive Action Tools

This new community on the Peace Portal is dedicated to tools and case studies compiled by GPPAC Members and designed to support civil society organisations to carry out conflict analysis and to mobilise different groups and agencies for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.  

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Business and Human Rights in Mexico

This report provides recommendations from civil society organisations in Mexico regarding human rights and businesses. More than 100 civil society groups, communities and academics focusing on defending human rights have prepared a report providing input to the Working Group Business and Human Rights of the UN.

The objective of this report is to give an overview of the situation of business and human rights in Mexico. Based on 68 cases, patterns of violations and abuses of human rights by the State and companies from different sectors, including energy, mining, construction, agribusiness, among others are documented. 


A Challenge to our Leaders: a Challenge to ourselves

With the celebration of the International Day of Peace, the world is again reminded to work in unison towards achieving inclusive and sustainable peace.

GPPAC South East Asia statement calls for a paradigm shift among our states and leaders. They challenge their leaders to see power as a responsibility, not a privilege; conflict prevention as a shared task with the community as partners, not as a sole domain of the state; human rights as a foundation of security, not as a threat to societal order. 

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CRISP- Crisis Simulation for Peace


CRISP is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany. They been active in the field of civil conflict management since 2008, mainly in the Western Balkans, South Caucasus and the Middle East. These regions are still profoundly influenced by political and social conflicts. In cooperation with their local partner organisations, CRISP promotes openness and dialogue between different population groups and assist in increasing mutual understanding. 

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Tips for video story telling


The NonprofitMarCommunity has published some useful guidelines for non-profit video storytelling.  

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Whole of Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

The project "Whole of Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding", or WOSCAP aims at enhancing the capabilities of the EU for implementing conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions through sustainable, comprehensive and innovative civilian means. You can visit the project website at www.woscap.eu