The Red Elephant Foundation

The Red Elephant Foundation is an initiative that is built on the foundations of story-telling, training, tech-for-good and advocacy for gender equity and civilian peacebuilding. The initiative is titled "Red Elephant" to stand out as a vehicle that projects stories that must never be forgotten: stories that show you such courage that you should never forget, and stories that show the world such profound lessons that the world should never forget, issues that must be talked about, addressed and truths that must be acted upon. In doing so, the initiative aims at creating awareness and opening up channels of communication towards creating societies of tolerance, peacebuilding and equality.

Type of Organisation

  • Non governmental organization (NGO)

Areas of Interest

  • Gender
  • Peace & Justice
  • Peace education
  • Reconciliation
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

Organisation Activities

  • Project Implementation

Member of GPPAC