Women and young people are often the most exposed to the phenomenon of violent extremism online and on social networks. From online dating to homework to entertainment, the Internet is now a key element in the lives of young people and women today, opening up a vast array of new opportunities for bridging and learning. At the same time, the Web provides powerful tools for violent extremists to spread hatred and violence or even identify potential recruits by creating online communities to promote radicalization. The fight against violent extremism requires action at all levels to strengthen the foundations of solidarity. This is ATTIC's role: to strengthen cooperation through training, sensitization, culture and communication.


Type of Organisation

  • Non governmental organization (NGO)

Areas of Interest

  • Community Peacebuilding
  • Democracy
  • Gender
  • Peace & Justice
  • Refugee / Internally Displaced Peoples' rights and/or support
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Youth

Organisation Activities

  • Capacity Building / Training
  • Project Implementation

Member of GPPAC