Afghanistan Justice Organization

In order to promote democracy, governance, and rule of law, AJO focuses on building and reforming institutions and individuals on governance including training and adoption of anti and counter corruption measures, anti-money laundering, financing of terrorism, and reforming and advocating for the adoption of laws promoting democracy such as access to information, freedom of the press, whistleblower laws, class action, and public interest litigation. As a cross-cutting issue, AJO includes in every project the promotion of gender balance and opportunity to participate as outlined in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and the National Priority Programs (NPP).

Type of Organisation

  • Non governmental organization (NGO)

Areas of Interest

  • Community Peacebuilding
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Democracy
  • Human rights
  • Human security
  • Peace education
  • Policy Analysis
  • Rule of Law
  • Security Sector Reform (SSR)
  • Youth

Organisation Activities

  • Capacity Building / Training
  • Networking
  • Project Implementation

Member of GPPAC