2010 Arts Competition

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2010 Arts Competition: People Building Peace

Nansen Dialogue Centers and GPPAC Western Balkans organised an arts competition for schoolchildren on the topic People Building Peace for school children in the region as a part of 21 September - International Day of Peace celebration.

The competition was open from 20 September until 15 November 2010. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro supported the arts competition and participation of schoolchildren.

Pupils and students were invited to send drawings on the topic People Building Peace to Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia.  Virtual display and voting were enabled on the Peace Portal. The best 13 artworks illustrated the Peace Calendar for 2011.  The winners received Youth Building Peace Certificates and prizes.

Objectives of the 2010 competition:

To introduce the concept of International Day of Peace to pupils and students;

To enable youth participation in regional peacebuilding activities;

To contribute to sustainable peace and reconciliation in the Western Balkans.


Here you can see the winning drawings.