2016 PBF Pledging Conference

By adopting identical resolutions on peacebuilding on April 27th, 2016, the UN General Assembly and the Security Council committed to sustaining peace. The resolutions, apart from confirming that peace consolidation is an ongoing process occurring at all stages of conflict and that it is a priority for the entire UN family, brings forward the fact that peacebuilding and more particularly, the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF), are substantially underfunded. 

The most recent High-Level Pledging Conference took place on September 21st, 2016, and aimed to 1) Expand the number of UN Member States supporting the Peacebuilding Fund and 2) Increase the amount of resources at the disposal of the PBF by setting a pledge goal to fulfill.

Visit the PBF Pledging Conference website for more information. 

The conference was co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

View the PBF Pledging Conference Concept Note here.