PBC Ambassadorial-level Meeting of the Burundi Configuration (Open) - 29 January 2018

The Chair of the Burundi configuration (hereafter the Chair) updated the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) on the current state of the peace process and socioeconomic outlook in Burundi.

PBC Ambassador-Level Meeting - Liberia (Open) - 21 November 2017

At this meeting, the Chair of the Liberia Country Configuration focused on obtaining an update on the recent Presidential elections as well as the on-going planning for the upcoming closing of the...

PBC Ambassador-level Meeting on Colombia - Peacebuilding in Colombia (Open) - 13 November 2017

Though Colombia is not covered by a country-specific configuration, the PBC held a high-level consultation focused progress in implementing the peace agreement and in building sustainable peace...

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Photo credit: UN PBSO