PBC | CSC Informal Meeting on Burundi 2016 (July 13)

On July 13th, 2016, the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC)'s Country-Specific Configuration (CSC) on Burundi met in order to discuss the CSC Chair's recent visit to Burundi and Tanzania between the 4th and the 9th of July. The security situation was reported to have stabilized, thanks both to the efforts of the national security forces and the African Union's Human Rights observers present in Bujumbura. Reports of Human Rights violations continue, however, are worrisome. A emerging issue of women trafficking will be looked into further. The economic consequences of the political turmoil were a priority for the Chair, who made a point during his visit to speak to all concerened parties, both governmental and not. Many economic partners have suspended their aid flows and investments to Burundi because of the recent instability there. The Chair and the Permanent Representative of Burundi both hope that the normalization of the security situation will convince them to resume their trade partnerships. The Inter-Burundi Dialogue continues under the auspices of former Tanzanian President Mr. Mkapa. Inclusiveness remains the most important factors, and all participants at the meeting stressed the importance of supporting Mr. Mkapa in a coherent manner so as to not disrupt his work, and of ensuring that he has the space he needs to moderate peaceful, productive dialogue. He has indicated that he will visit New York and brief the PBC as soon as possible. A study by the George Washington University on the Inter-Burundi Dialogue will be released soon at the request of the Ambassador of Burundi in Washington D.C., giving an analysis of the dialogue and recommendations on how to maximize their utility and potential. The university team visited Burundi and attended consultations in order to inform their work as much as possible. The Chair's own written report on his visit will be sent to configuration members shortly.


Photo credit: UN PBSO