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We call for the inclusion of a criterion on gender-based violence in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), as
outlined in the Joint Policy Paper on Gender and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by Amnesty International,
the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the IANSA Women's Network and Religions
for Peace (June 2012).
Irresponsible transfers of weaponry, munitions, armaments and related equipment across borders have
resulted in the loss of millions of lives and livelihoods and the violation of fundamental human rights. In
particular, the widespread availability of small arms and light weapons increases the risk to both men and
women's security, and impedes their enjoyment of their civil, political, social and economic rights in
different ways. There is a gender dimension to the trade whereby women are disproportionately affected
by armed gender-based violence.
This July 2012 presents a historic opportunity as Member States of the United Nations (UN) gather to
negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) meant to establish common international standards for the import,
export and transfer of conventional arms. Achieving an effective ATT is an urgent necessity. The ATT will
require States to authorise international transfers of conventional arms in conformity with an agreed list of
clear criteria that assess a range of potential risks stemming from such transfers.
If the ATT is to be an effective legal instrument in regulating the international arms trade, recognition of the
potential gendered impacts of international transfers must also be included.
Accordingly, there should be strong references to gender in the treaty text and the criteria in the treaty
should address risks of gender-based armed violence.
The criteria of an Arms Trade Treaty should require States not to authorise an international transfer of
conventional arms where there is a substantial risk that the arms under consideration are likely to be
used to perpetrate or facilitate acts of gender-based violence, including rape and other forms of sexual
Support a strong Arms Trade Treaty that will help prevent gender-based violence – now!
The pdf version can be downloaded here.