What are the specific recommendations
for the UNSC to enhance its mandate
to use diplomacy and mediation to
promote and enhance preventative action?



Sajida Abdulvahabova

Women's groups in particular play an important role in early warning. UNSC must expand and support women networks for work within conflict-affected communities to create a base of active citizens that act as an intermediary between the people and the authorities.

It must involve the representatives of civil society, particularly experts and representatives of independent research centers, into the process of elaboration of recommendations on conflict settlement, of filtering information and drawing attention to such dangerous indicators as patterns of human rights violations or hate speech, which might otherwise escape detection.

Ana Villellas Ariño

Recommendations include the strengthening of all gender-related aspects of preventive diplomacy. Among them, to implement and monitor implementation of the new system-wide strategy on gender parity in the area of peace and security, and specifically in preventive mediation. Besides, there is a need for earlier and more effective UN engagement with local women's organizations and local gender experts, who should be practically acknowledged as effective partners and strategic allies and valuable sources of knowledge for prevention action.

There is a need for further accountability over this engagement. It is recommended also to engage earlier and more effectively on gender with regional and local co-mediation/facilitation actors as well as with local broad constellations of actors (religious leaders, youth, private actors, etc.) to enable the overcoming of gender resistances and gender backlash. More human and economic resources need to be invested in promoting women's coalition building and women's platforms to enable their participation in preventive diplomacy.

Gender-responsive preventive diplomacy and mediation would be enhanced and benefitted from effective early gender mainstreaming in the other fields of UN action (human rights, development…), for facilitation of broader social acceptance and support to gender-responsive peace processes.

Regional Liaison Officer 
Southern Africa

Pamhidzai Taka

"Women's access to local power
structures has to be improved by
increasing their participation in
community development work and
community cohesion initiatives
that build peac​e.​"​



Pamhidzai Taka

Women should be given equal opportunities to participate in all platforms despite their background. A lot of nations marginalize women especially if they are from poor backgrounds. They cannot fully participate meaningful matters that affect them.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

The UN Security Council must put diplomacy and mediation first and reach out to civil society networks including women-led civil society networks like GPPAC who have experience and insight into these processes.

The military option, the reaction to conflict must stop. Greater investment is needed to preventative action.

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Natalya Martirosya

It is difficult for me to give specific recommendations for the UNSC on this issue. However, it is obvious that today, when more and more hotbeds of tension flare up, any efforts to increase UNSC mandate to use preventative action are justified and will have an important and long-term positive effect.

Lucy Nusseibeh

Specific recommendations:

  1.  Make sure the all the UNSC resolutions relating to are applied and implemented

  2.  Make sure international law is applied , with sanctions against rogue states

  3.  Employ a human security approach

  4.  Make sure more women are specifically invited to participate

  5.  Ensure that the women present are of high caliber who will speak up

  6.  Ensure that there is monitoring of the gender equity in diplomacy and mediation
        so that it can be drawn attention to and rectified if it is not there.

Justine Kwachu Ngum Kumche

The UN should conduct studies on the effective use of diplomacy on the ground. The UN should conduct multi-stakeholder consultations in countries to understand the stakes and the capacities of women and youth should be strengthened to effectively participate in preventive actions.