Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Stories of Peace Challenge

The Peace Portal Terms of Use is at all times applicable. These Terms and Conditions serve as a supplement thereof, specifically for the Stories of Peace Challenge. Fulfillment of these conditions serves as a general condition for participation in the contest.

1. Preconditions

  1. All stories must be submitted in English, and be concise, structured, and clearly written.
  2. It must be uploaded within the timeframe of the campaign (July 1st, 2011 – August 31st 2011).
  3. Deadline: the exact deadline is 00.00 AM (CET / GMT +1) on Thursday, September 1st, 2011.
  4. Word limit: The story must be no less than 400 and no more than 800 words. This requirement is strict, and if you write more or less your entry will be excluded.
  5. The content of the story follows the Guidelines.
  6. The story must be true and the source verifiable. Sources and references for confirming the veracity of the story must be provided in the form.
  7. A minimum of two pictures must be added to each story, with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi (or dpi).
  8. The participation limit is: 1 story per individual, and 1 story per organization is eligible for the prize (more stories are very welcome, yet only 1 can officially enter the competition).

2. General Terms

  1. Stories must be based in reality. You may change names and other details to avoid identification of persons or organizations, but those must not affect the story as a whole.  Stories may not be inflammatory or needlessly offensive towards third parties.
  2. To submit a story on behalf of an organization, it is required you indicate this in the form.
  3. No distinction will be made between stories from individuals and stories from organizations –  it has no influence on the outcome of the contest
  4. The Jury will consist of three judges that will select the winners based on the Guidelines; the decision of the jury is not subject to appeal.
  5. The quality or content of the pictures will not influence the outcome of the contest.
  6. All content you submit (text, pictures, etcetera) must be licensed royalty-free for Peace Portal's use in the context of this contest. You guarantee that you have arranged this with all copyright holders, and you will compensate Peace Portal for any damages otherwise.
  7. The text of the story may be subjected to editing (such as changing or shortening) for publication.
  8. In order to have the story published online, the participant and story must comply with the Preconditions. The Peace Portal team will perform this check and notify all participants whether these have been met.

3. Verification

  1. The Peace Portal team will use appropriate means to verify the authenticity and reliability of the author, story and organization.
  2. A verification process will take place after the Peace Portal team has permitted the entry for online publication and the contest (as stated in the General Terms)
  3. All stories are marked "in process of verification" at the outset, and remain marked as such until this process is finalized and changes to "Verified" or "Not Verifiable". (see 3.3 and 3.4).
  4. In order for a story to qualify (and be marked) as "Verified" it is necessary that the entry complies fully and strictly with all the Terms and Conditions, and the source and story are deemed reliable and authentic respectively.
  5. If a story cannot be verified, it will be marked "Not Verifiable", and the participant concerned will be contacted via email with a request to provide proof of veracity
  6. If a story is found untrue, or is of an untrustworthy source, even after an entry was marked as "verified", the Peace Portal Team may flag, remove, or disqualify the entry, and is not required to notify the participant concerned.
  7. At all times, registered users have the right to comment, rate, vote, and flag any story. These actions may be taken into account in the verification process.
  8. Even though best efforts are made to ensure the validity and veracity of the entries, the Peace Portal Team or GPPAC cannot be held responsible or fully guarantee to any party that this is 100% ensured.
  9. Only once an entry has been marked as "Verified" it will enter the contest and be eligible for winning the prize.

4. Ownership

  1. By participating in the "Stories of Peace Challenge", the participant gives GPPAC the right to publish his or her story and the accompanying pictures in a book and e-book, "People Building Peace 2.0".
  2. In case any parts of the story, or any accompanying pictures, are owned by a third party, the author must include appropriate credit and references.
  3. All information submitted in the form must be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  4. In case of fraud, an untrue story, false identity of the author or user, or registration on behalf of an organization without this organization's consent, the Peace Portal Team has the right to reject, flag, remove or disqualify the entry.
  5. Submitted stories are not allowed to have been published beforehand in the same form. It should be an original and previously unpublished text. A publication elsewhere in significantly different form shall not count as a previous publication. The judges will determine whether the stories fulfill this criteria.

5. Privacy and Security

  1. Personal information submitted through the application form will not be passed on to any third party. (Exceptions in 5.3).
  2. Personal information submitted through the form will only be used within the scope of the campaign, such as verification purposes.
  3. For verification purposes, GPPAC may ask other (partner) organizations or individuals involved in peacebuilding to assist in the verification of stories, as in some cases such third parties are (more) capable of assessing the trustworthiness or authenticity of a person or story, for example due to their geographic location. They can be asked to read the stories and flag inappropriate content.
  4. The username (or screenname) of the participant will be displayed and published on the Peace Portal along with the story. The user's real name will be used for verification and in the book in the event of a publication.
  5. Stories can be submitted anonymously on the portal, yet not as part of this campaign, as a name is necessary for verification and publication.
  6. Comments by other users on the story may be published in the book if deemed of qualitative value. The user(s) concerned will be contacted and asked for permission.

6. Moderation

  1. The Peace Portal Team will moderate the entries of the contest (see "verification") and retains the right to flag, remove, or disqualify any entry that is deemed inappropriate or does not comply with the main conditions.
  2. Inappropriate entries are among others spam, completely unrelated entries, commercial content such as advertisements or messages intended to offend.
  3. Stories longer than 800 words are not accepted for the contest or published on the campaign page. They may however, be published on the Peace Portal's other pages. The participant concerned will be informed thereof.
  4. The Peace Portal Team will take action to prevent 4.3 and verify 4.4.
  5. GPPAC is not liable for any damages you may suffer as a result of moderation by the Peace Portal or other related actions under article 3 and 4.

7. Prize

  1. Winning stories are selected by the jury on the basis of criteria that were communicated to the participants (as stated in the guidelines). The jury will write a report to document its decision.
  2. All participants, including those that did not win, will be informed on September 21st 2011 of the outcome of the contest via email.
  3. The winners of the "Stories of Peace Challenge" will be announced on the 21st of September 2011, the International Day of Peace.
  4. Voting by the public may be indicative of the quality of the stories, and in that light may be taken into consideration by the jury to inform their decision. Voting does not, however, replace the jury's function in selecting the winners; their selection remains based on the stated criteria.
  5. Twenty-five winners will be chosen from the participants of the Stories of Peace Challenge, who will win ten copies of the "People Building Peace 2.0" book each.
  6. The participant who writes the story that follows the jury guidelines the most, will win an additional prize, which entails exclusive professional services and customized features on the Peace Portal, worth €500,- for free. The precise nature of these professional services and customized features will be discussed with the winner and depend on the individual needs.