The Prize

Please note: the contest ended on August 31, 2011.

Main Prize: The best 25 stories will win a publication of their story in a book "People Building Peace 2.0" and receive 10 hardcopies of the book. 

Special prize: The story that follows the jury guidelines the most, will win an additional prize: they will receive exclusive professional services and customized features on the Peace Portal, worth € 500,-, for free! They will for example be able to have their own customized community or integrate certain features into their organization's webpage.

In addition, the stories will be published and highlighted on the homepage and campaign page of the Peace Portal. Also, the book will be presented at the official launch event of the Peace Portal in December this year.

To be elegible for the prize, the story must follow the following Guidelines.

We are looking for:

  • Stories about peace initiatives and peacebuilding
  • Writing from personal experience: we encourage participants to give their personal view, story, or interpretation
  • We appreciate ‘critical reflection' and sharing lessons learned: we are not looking for the ‘perfect' story or ideal outcomes
  • The story does not necessarily have to be about your own initiative; In case it is about peacebuilding (initiatives) by others that you know or have seen, you are expected to explicitly name those whose initiative it is and who participated, and explain your personal relation to this story
  • Format is flexible: can be interview, article, column or blog. We do not recommend to submit it in the form of an essay, report, or use very theoretical language.

 The text should be written in a factual, inspirational and non-promotional way, and include:

  • The origin and inspiration of the peace initiative
  • Where it was done and within what conflict context
  • The central elements of the peace initiative; What was done?
  • How did it make a difference?


 Jury Guidelines
The judges will pay special attention and give added value to stories if the writer is:

  • Inviting and challenging readers to reflect on peace initiatives
  • Sharing information or ideas that are new or original
  • Inspirational – stimulating a positive vision or hope
  • Including local or specialized information - voices from local, grassroots organizations and individuals are appreciated