The Winners

We thank all of the participants for making this such a great and exiting contest, and congratulate all of the winners of the Stories of Peace Challenge! The best story, "Coffee for peace in Congo", will win the additional prize of customized features on the Peace Portal worth 500,- euros for free! To read all the winning stories, click here.

The top 5 winners are:

1. François Lenfant - Coffee for peace in Congo

2. Stephanie Marienau Turpin - One and Then Another: Peace through Forgiveness in Rwanda

3. Amy Schwartzott - Recycling Weapons of War into Tools for Peace building in Post-conflict Mozambique

4. Sue Useem - A Women's Grassroots Peace Movement in Sulawesi, Indonesia

5. Beza Tesfaye - Natural Resource Management: An Innovative Approach to Peace-building in a Resource-rich and Diverse Community

The other 20 winners are:

Rasika Geethanga Mendis - Villages United: A Sri-Lankan Tale

Elissa J. Tivona - The Wicosani Community Project: Peacebuilding Among the Lakota Sioux in North America

Carol Brouillet - Listening for a Change

Dana Clerkin - Harambee – Step by Step – One Child at a Time

Stephanie Knox Cubbon - Peace Education Without Borders: A story from the Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program

Steven Youngblood - Project brings Peace Journalism to Uganda

Cody Fisher - Cuts That Heal: How Heart Surgeries Are Leading To Peacemaking In Iraq

Meenakshi Gopinath - Face-to-Face: Transforming Conflict in South Asia

Jaya Dani Mulyanto - Gus Dur and Peaceful Indonesia

Kathie Malley-Morrison - What Do You Do?

Maribel Hernández Sánchez - The Fugees Family: building a future for refugee children in the US

Elvis Iruh - PAMOJA – A brand name for peace in Kenya

Elise Webb - Breaking the 4th Wall in Rwanda

Susan Armitage - Bringing Messages of Peace to the Border

Zahid Movlazadeh - Russia-Georgia Dialogue, Bringing Societies Closer

Milan Colić - Postwar questions

Luke Wilcox - American Christian Embeds with Muslim Peacemakers in Iraq

Vanessa Bassil - "Let's talk!"

Ellen Feig - Living The Golden Rule

Cristina Avila-Zesatti - The journalism created the War Correspondent, but the world is now needing Peace Correspondents!


Welcome to the official page of the Stories of Peace Challenge! Participation in The Stories of Peace Challenge is  closed. The deadline was August 31st 2011. The winners were announced on September 21st 2011 and can be found above. They were selected by the Jury, consisting of Emmanuel Bombande, Vanessa Griffen, and Michael Shank.

This contest was meant to challenge the peacebuilding community, civil society and individuals to write about unique stories of peace initiatives around the world! It was open to anyone with an interest in or who can tell a story about peace (initiatives). Participants had the option of submitting a story as an individual entry, or on behalf of an organization. The stories therefore could be 1) a personal story, or 2) a story of a project or organization as a whole.

The best 25 stories have won a publication of their story in a book "People Building Peace 2.0" and receive 10 hardcopies of the book. Additionally, there is a special prize for one of these winners, who will be able to benefit from customized features and professional services on the Peace Portal, worth € 500,-, for free! The contest took place in July and August 2011.

The stories will also be published and highlighted on the homepage and the campaign page of the Peace Portal. The book will be presented at the official launch event of the Peace Portal in December this year.

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Only  verified  stories could enter the competition; read more