South Sudan
South Sudan has a Ministry for Peace and Comprehensive Peace Agreement Implementation. The Ministry was established to assist the government in setting peace policies, inspiring peace initiatives and coordinating all programs in the area of peace and conflict prevention.
The Ministry is currently working on finalising a policy framework that will serve as a "guide for the development of policies and strategies that elaborate measures that seek to consolidate peace and promote sustainable development."
The Ministry is an implementing body. It acts as a monitoring organ for the government, setting policies, inspiring peace initiatives and co-coordinating programmes through government and non-government agencies. At moments of opportunity or times of crisis the Ministry intervenes by co-coordinating the partners that are making interventions into community conflicts and by developing programmes which build its approach to peace. 
The main objective of the Ministry is to facilitate amicable and permanent resolutions of all forms of conflicts through traditional and other methods involving conflict management, conflict transformation, conflict prevention and conflict resolution throughout Southern Sudan. Other objectives include:
  • Promote multi-stakeholder processes - mechanisms and structures for effective participation - through strengthening participation and engagement of government,  civil society and communities.
  • Develop and promote  the culture of peace, conflict prevention and  management  among the people of Southern Sudan.
  • Build unity in cooperation with partners in pursuit of national healing and reconciliation among the people of Southern Sudan.
  • Transform conflicts through training and influence of training curriculum for various institutions of learning in Southern Sudan.
  • Work in partnership with the government, cultural institutions, faith based organisations, youth and women groups to promote peace, unity and development in Southern Sudan 


Existing programs focus among others on conflict mitigation, nation building; civic and peace education and policy and conflict analysis.