Organisations Involved

The following organisations were involved in the I4P International network, forming a global constituency for a bottom-up and proactive approach to positive peace:


Action for Conflict Transformation (ASC), South Africa
The ACTION Support Centre (ASC) is the Africa regional hub of a global network of organisations and individuals committed to transforming conflict.  

Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)/3P Human Security, USA
AfP is the institutional home for the leading peacebuilding institutions and professionals in the United States and around the world.

Balay Mindanaw Foundation (BMFI), Philippines
BMFI is a Mindanao-based development and peacebuilding organization.

Center for Conflict resolution, (CECORE), Uganda
CECORE aims to empower communities, institutions and individuals to transform conflicts effectively. 

Center for the training and the Development of Ex-combatants (CEDAC), Burundi
CEDAC trains a national network of ex-combatants in all provinces and communes of Burundi. 

Centre for Peace Education, Miriam College, Philippines
The Centre for Peace Education is an advocacy centre whose mission is to help advance a culture of peace.

Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Promotion (CPRP), Nepal
CPRP is being involved in peacebuilding work in Nepal having members from various sectors.

Centre for Research and Popular Education/Peace program, (CINEP/PP), Colombia
CINEP/PP is committed to life and to working towards a just, sustainable and peaceful society. 

Centre RĂ©solution Conflicts, (CRC), DRC
CRC is rescuing child soldiers, keeping communities together and establishing Local Peace Committees in DRC.

Coalition for Peace in Africa, (COPA), Burundi
COPA is striving towards building the capacity of its members. 

Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU), Afghanistan
CPAU is an Afghan-led, NGO to work for peace in Afghanistan. 

FOCHI/Chirezi Foundation, Burundi
FOCHI works to build on successful Community Peacebuilding with a holistic approach. 

Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI), Kyrgyzstan
FTI is a NGO working for the prevention and nonviolent resolution of conflict. 

Fundacio Catalunya Voluntario, Spain
FCV actively promotes solidarity and the Culture of Peace as tools to transform society and as real opportunities to develop key competences.  

Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace (GAMIP)
GAMIP is a worldwide community of individuals in civil society, business and government who work toward a Culture of Peace. 

Grace to Heal (GTH), Zimbabwe
GTH is a grassroots faith based peacebuilding organisation founded in 2003. 

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD), US
IMTD has developed 9 tracks, which must work together to form a systems approach to peace. 

International Centre on Conflict & Negotiation (ICCN), Georgia
ICCN is one of the oldest peace-building NGOs in the Caucasus. 

Middle East Non-Violence & Democracy (MEND), Palestine
MEND works to raise awareness about alternatives to violence. 

Modus Operandi, France
Modus Operandi is an independent institute founded in 2006.  

Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), Sierra Leone
NMJD is a national civil society organization with the aim of working towards building a just and self-reliant Sierra Leone. 

Observatorio para La Paz, Colombia
The Observatorio para La Paz is a centre for thinking and action to make peace a pedagogy for cultural change.

Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), Romania
PATRIR aims to transform the way the world deals with conflicts, working from the local to the global levels.  

Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN), USA
The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is the leading online global community working in peacebuilding and international development. 

Peace Boat, Japan
Peace Boat is a NGO that works to promote peace, human rights and respect for the environment. 

Peace Direct, UK
In conflict zones worldwide, local people are building peace. Peace Direct helps these local heroes.  

Peace Initiative Network (PIN), Nigeria
PIN is dedicated to the promotion of peace, unity and harmony in Nigeria. 

Peace Training & Research Organisation (PTRO), Afghanistan
PTRO was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing essential training and conducting rigorous research into peace and conflict issues in Afghanistan. 

Peacebuild, Canada
Peacebuild is a network of Canadian NGOS and individuals involved in peacebuilding practice and policy development. 

PeaceNet, Kenya
PeaceNet-Kenya sustains a broad-based coalition of peace workers, who strive to foster peace in their local communities and in the nation at large.  

Permanent Peace Movement, (PPM), Lebanon
PPM works on building peace through spreading the culture of peace and transforming/preventing conflicts. 

Pro Public, Nepal
Pro Public works among others on access to justice, conflict transformation and promoting good governance. 

Rasur Foundation International (RFI), Costa Rica/USA
RFI aims to create a world where every person practices peace. 

Redprodepaz, Colombia
Redprodepaz is a civil society network that promotes and coordinates the Regional Programs for Peace and Development.  

Regional Coordination for Economic and Social Research (CRIES), Argentina
CRIES is a Latin American and Caribbean network of over 70 research centers, experts and NGOs.

Reseau Haki Na Amani (RHA), DRC
RHA aims the promotion of peace, the protection of human rights and the encouragement of citizen participation. 

Sanayee Development Organization, (SDO), Afghanistan
SDO is one of the leading organizations working in the field of peacebuilding in Afghanistan.

Servicios y Asesoria para la Paz (SERAPAZ), Mexico
SERAPAZ is a civil society organization, providing services for the peaceful transformation of social conflicts. 

Shalom Educating for Peace (SEP), Rwanda
SEP is working for building and sustaining positive peace through education and cultivating the culture of non-violence. 

Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN), Somalia
Soyden promotes peace and human rights in Somalia through youth development by education and awareness creation. 

The Liaison Office (TLO), Afghanistan
TLO is an Afghan NGO, founded by South-eastern community elders in 2003 that seeks to improve local governance, stability and security through systematic and institutionalized engagement with customary structures, local communities and civil society groups. 

URI Great Lakes
The United Religions Initiative (URI) Great Lakes is an interfaith network organization operating in Uganda and harnessing URI global related work in the Great Lakes countries. 

WANEP, Sierra Leone
The goal of WANEP-Sierra Leone is capacity building in among others conflict prevention, peacebuilding and advocacy.  

Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace (WISCOMP) is a New Delhi based research and training organisation that facilitates gender-sensitive Conflict transformation and Peacebuilding.  

Youth for Peace (YFP), Cambodia
Youth for Peace offers education in peace, leadership, conflict resolution and reconciliation to Cambodian's youth.