The International Civil Society Network on Infrastructures for Peace (I4P) was active in the 2010-2014 period to enhance the cooperation between civil society and other stakeholders such as governments and the United Nations for the purpose of promoting institutional mechanisms that are based on the commitment to cooperative conflict resolution. Whilst most of the participants remain active in the topic, the network itself has not pursued the organisation of joint activities or projects after its 2013 seminar during the GAMIP Summit in Geneva (see Resources section). Nevertheless, as the concept of I4P continues to be relevant in the global context, not least in view of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the knowledge and contacts brought together by the International Network have been preserved on this site as a resource for peacebuilders everywhere.  

In line with the International Network, this website aims to:
Collect & exchange experiences and best practices of local peacebuilders Broaden the knowledge on I4P and LPCs, nationally and internationally Facilitate a dialogue on the potential of I4P and LPCs with different stakeholders Enhance the position of LPCs and NGOs within I4P