Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education Peace Center

Type of Organisation University/Academic
Areas of Interest Conflict Prevention,Gender,Media,Human Security,Preventive Action,Dialogue and mediation,Peace education
Organisation's Activities Advocacy/lobby,Fundraising,Networking,Training,Research
Organisation Address
Darulaman Road Kabul Afghanistan
10006 Kabul
About this organisation

Fervently believing in the efficacy of promoting education as the key to empowering our nation to break the cycle of violence, respect universal values of human rights, foster socio-economic development and sustain civil society in Afghanistan, Dr. Sima Samar founded the non-profit and Non government organization. Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) in 2010 which especially focuses on providing greater opportunity for women, less economically advantaged and marginalized students through tuition subsidies and scholarships. Being guided with the motto “Competency and Leadership”, 131 GIHE instructors are endeavoring to provide over 3000 students with excellent educational experience and affect a positive change. The following faculties offer courses and award academic degrees: • Law • Political Science • Economic Management • Business Administration • Civil Engineering • Computer Science All female students from all majors (this year 1023, equaling 35% of the total) are granted 20% of discount. Furthermore, since 2010, GIHE has awarded 320 students with full scholarship and covered 50% of the educational cost for a number of 63 students. GIHE Women Empowerment Center is the specialized unit which has the mandate to ensure active participation of women in the arena of academic education and to facilitate full development of their potentialities. So far it has succeeded to establish cooperation with several international organizations (UN Women, Indigo, Linda Norgrove, and Culture of Resistance) and managed to hold various seminars on women capacity building and provided female students with extracurricular courses; mainly English and computer. GIHE Peace Center was established in 2014 and since then it has been collaborating with United States Institute of Peace (USIP). To date, it has been able to provide peace education for 1363 students, compiled a text book on Peace-building and Conflict Resolution, published four issues of Peace Journal and conducted several tours and excursion visits to centers like the Institute of Ghandian Studies in India. GIHE leadership has always encouraged personal development for both its staff and instructors and has conducted various capacity building courses. Most of these have been covered by local trainers; however, there were times that we needed to request for help from our international partners; University of Technology Sydney, Freiburg University of Education and Alama Tabatabae University. About Peace Center Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education Peace Center was established in August 2014 and since then it has been collaborating with United State Institute of Peace (USIP). To date, it has been able to provide peace education for university students compiled a text book on Conflict Resolution and Peace which is taught as 2 credits in the university and 1759 students selected the subject up to date. Peace Center published eight issues of Youth Peace journal (Jewel of Peace), four Academic Journal and conducted several training, tours and exposure visits to Institutes and universities like the Institute of Gandhian Studies in India, Herat and Nangarhar University in Afghanistan. Peace Center Mission GIHE Peace Center is strongly committed to Institutionalize Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in Afghanistan’s Higher Education. Peace Center Objectives and Goals Peace Center is established in August 2014 under the direct supervision of GIHE chancellor it is dedicated to provide academic, qualitative, non-partisan and peace oriented research, publication, translation of peace related books/journals, national dialogues and professional training/workshop on conflict resolution and peace building with distinct focus on Afghanistan.