Elmoustkbal Newspaper

Type of Organisation Other
Areas of Interest Conflict Prevention,Media,Human Security,Dialogue and mediation,Peace education
Organisation's Activities Advocacy/lobby,Fundraising,Networking,Training,Research
Organisation Address
Egypt - Dokki
12311 Giza
Contact information
Amro Selim
About this organisation

Our main slogan since we first published is "Independence is our source of power "..Since it was first published till now “Elmoustkbal newspaper” has taken this slogan “Independence is our source of power” to express the approach the editorial department of the newspaper and its editorial team are following. Hence, presenting our news and topics objectively allowed us to win the reader’s confidence not only in Egypt but also on both regional and international levels as well. Being on track was extremely challenging for us such as adapting to the current tremendous unstable political and economic conditions globally which affected the environment of most media organizations. However we were up to the challenge by insisting on following our editorial policy. Elmoustkbal online newspaper: first online newspaper in Egypt and the Middle East and Arab world contains First Special section for Religions and beliefs affairs calling for Promoting tolerance and the rejection of violence and extremism by spreading the true picture of religions and beliefs , also we founded first special section in Arabian and Egyptian press for security and strategic affairs. The Newspaper was honored in a number of occasions, and regional and international forums, and trading news coverage - especially the English department - largely on a regional and international levels. Our Editorial Policy Based on Spreading the Idea of Neutrality and Independence, and Stop Control of Political and Capital on the Egyptian Press.