A Handbook and Training Curriculum on Human Security and Peace Support OperationsProject Overview (February 2015 version) and a new revised version of the Curriculum Outline (February 2015 Working Draft) for Security Sector and Civil Society Engagement for Human Security.

New video on peacebuilding approaches to training military forces in DRC put out by Search for Common Ground. A Soldiers Story: Reform the Military to End Human Rights Abuses in in DRC.


Curriculum Development Military Reference Group

2 December 2014 and 5 August 2014

Members of the planning consortium for this project at the Alliance for Peacebuilding met with military trainers from the US Army War College's Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, and other military trainers from other military academies to review the content of our training modules.  

Curriculum Writing Workshop

US Institute of Peace, Washington DC

16 June 2014

A core group of members from our Global Reference Group and two consultation roundtables met to discuss curriculum writing.  With presentations from both UNITAR and USIP's on-line curriculum directors, we discussed creative methods of presenting case studies and interactive scenarios to enable a more critically engaged learner.


This is the online community of the Civil Society and Security Sector Engagement for Human Security project. This community aims to facilitate the ongoing project and present the project outputs as it progresses. For more about this project, please see the About section of this community..