Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why create an account with the Peace Portal?

A: As a registered user you can:

  • Access your Dashboard and create blogs, communities or organisation pages
  • Connect and share with other peacebuilders worldwide
  • Join and collaborate in other users' communities
  • And much more

Q: What is an Organisation Page and how can I create one?

A: An Organisation Page is a page that any registered user can create to promote and inform others about the work of an organisation active in the field of conflict prevention and peace building. The Organisation page can display information about  mission, vision, and current projects and can be customised with your organisation logo.

Q: How can I find content in the Peace Portal?

A; You can use the search box to search for content, in the top right corner of every page. Alternatively, the Peace Map will interactively display all geotagged content on the Peace Portal. Use your mouse to browse the map, and click on any icon for a preview of the content.

Q: How safe is the Peace Portal?

A: After you login, your session is encrypted via our SSL certificate. If you have concerns about the privacy/accessibility of your content, you can contact us to build a customised community with limited and controlled access.

Q: What if I find inappropriate or offensive content on the Peace Portal?

A: The Peace Portal content is user generated. We will do our best to control its quality, but in case you'll find something inappropriate, please do not hesitate to report it by using the red flag icon or by simply sending us an email.

Q: What is a Community and how can I create one?

A: A community is your own virtual workspace. Every registered user of the Peace Portal can create unlimited Communities for free. Communities can be used to connect with other practitioners (for example, using the Forum application), or can be used to upload and share documents, publications, projects, pictures, or blogs. Communities are open, and other users can join and participate. If you wish to create bigger communities with special features, like private pages only available to members, you can contact us to help you create a Custom Community.


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