Working Group on Best Practices (WGBP)

The PBC WGBP, formerly named the PBC Working Group on Lessons-Learned (WGLL), was created as a means to use past national and international experiences in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in order to give recommendations to the PBC and direct it towards the most effective strategies and implementation methods. It also meets periodically to discuss important themes in peacebuilding, the countries on the PBC agenda and to inform discussions in the country-specific meetings.

The WGBP is not a decision-making body and has not endorsed any particular approach to the peacebuilding challenges it considers. It was created to realize the PBC's mandate to: develop best practices on issues in collaboration with political, security, humanitarian and development actors.

The Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) drafts concept notes and background papers to support the work of the WGBP. Meetings typically include briefings by UN and outside experts on the peacebuilding challenge or theme under consideration.

All 31 Member States of the PBC and permanent observers sit in the WGBP.

Current WGBP Chairperson

Past WGBP Chairpersons

Core Documents

  • View core Working Group documents on PBC's website here.