PBF Overview

The guidelines and established core principles for the PBF's activities are set out in the the PBF Terms of Reference. In June 2009, the Terms of Reference were revised in order to enhance the Fund's flexibility, responsivity and focus in its support of peacebuilding activities by simplifying its structure. The current Terms of Reference of the PBF set out four main areas of assistance:

  • Critical interventions designed to respond to imminent threats to the peacebuilding process and activities in support of the implementation of peace agreements.
  • Activities in support of national efforts to build and strengthen capacities that promote coexistence and the peaceful resolution of conflict.
  • Activities to revitalize the economy and generate immediate peace dividends to the population at large.
  • Establishment or re-establishment of essential administrative services and related human and technical capacities.

The revision of the PBF also provided for the creation of an independent Advisory Group of 10 members appointed every 2 years. The Advisory Group meets at least twice a year in order to oversee and advise the PBF in its project and management in order to promote efficiency and ensure the appropriate allocation of resources.
Countries receive support from the PBF through two funding facilities – theImmediate Response Facility (IRF) and the Peacebuilding Recovery Facility (PRF). The IRF provides emergency funding for immediate recovery needs, while the PRF funds longer-term peacebuilding and recovery, including support to countries on the PBC's agenda.

The Report of the Secretary-General on the PBF

The new Terms of Reference were approved as part of broader efforts to improve the efficiency of the PBF, which are addressed in detail in the 2009 Report of the Secretary-General on the Peacebuilding Fund (S/2009/419) endorsed by the General Assembly. In addition to outlining the achievements of the PBF in various countries and priority areas and calling for reforms in the Terms of Reference, structure and management of the PBF, it also called for forging stronger partnerships within the UN system - in particular with the PBC – as well as with other funds, in order to enhance and better coordinate the UN's response to post-conflict recovery.

Relationship between the PBF and PBC

The PBF is independent from, but closely linked to the PBC's work. The PBF provides funding assistance to countries under consideration by the PBC whereas the Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) works to ensure that the PBF funding priorities are compatible with the peacebuilding priorities identified in the PBC process. Financial assistance from the PBF is administered by PBSO and overseen the Advisory Group.

Visit PBF's official website at www.unpbf.org.