Building a Better Peace in Burundi

As a small country in a volatile sub-region of Africa, Burundi has often lacked the full support and attention of the international community. Events in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo complicated internal struggles and resulted in years of armed conflict and widespread displacement. In order to start building a longer lasting peace, the Government of Burundi requested assistance from the Peacebuilding Commission to advise and support peacebuilding in the country. In 2006 the Security Council referred Burundi to the PBC and it began work with the Government of Burundi to identify key peacebuilding goals and challenges. Read more about the conflict in Burundi

In a nearly year-long process, the PBC Burundi Configuration worked with the Government of Burundi and other stakeholders to develop a Strategic Framework for Peacebuilding in Burundi. The Strategic Framework included analysis of the risks to peacebuilding in Burundi, the commitments of specific stakeholders to achieving peacebuilding goals and an agreement to establish a monitoring and tracking mechanism to measure progress. Through consultations at the United Nations and in Bujumbura the following peacebuilding priority areas were identified: 

  • Good governance
  • A comprehensive ceasefire agreement with the Palipehutu-FNL
  • Security Sector
  • Justice, promotion of human rights and impunity
  • Land issues and socio-economic recovery
  • Mobilization of international assistance

And the cross-cutting issues of:

  • Sub-regional dimensions of peacebuilding
  • Gender

Read more about the Burundi Configuration.

Together for a Better Peace actively engages with the Burundi Configuration at UN headquarters and civil society partners in Burundi. Through civil society consultations in Burundi and briefings of Burundi Configuration members at the UN, Together for a Better Peace helps ensure that civil society organizations are meaningful partners in building peace in Burundi. Civil society organizations in Burundi self-organize to consult on peacebuilding challenges and opportunities, as well as to monitor the meeting of commitments by various stakeholders.

Relevant Documents

  • Find key documents for the Burundi Configuration on the PBC's website here.