About the Peace Portal

The Peace Portal is a free and open platform where every registered user can create online workspaces (communities) and share ideas using blogs.

The Portal wants to become a main tool in every conflict prevention practitioner work, by supporting:

  • online projects
  • events
  • online dialogue and communication
  • documents sharing and collaboration
  • promotion of civil society organisations and their work 

To use the Peace Portal is very simple: sign up for  your free account and create your first community from the dashboard!


How can the Peace Portal support your work?

  • Create a community to share your peace story, documents, reports, article and much more.

​Publish your content online and connect with other peacebuilders using the Peace Portal Communities.

  • Support your campaigns online, make them engaging, interactive, and cost efficient.

The Peace Portal can be used to create online working spaces. You can use it to quickly give an online dimension to your campaigns or public events: connect with your audience, get feedback, communicate online.

For example: ‘Arts Competition People Building Peace' was a pilot project held on the Peace Portal where users could vote for their favourite illustrations representing peace, made by various school children in Western Balkans. The competition was organised by Nansen Dialogue Centres and GPPAC Western Balkans. 

  • Work together more efficiently with a custom community.

The Peace Portal offers the possibility to create your own customised online working space, in which members can communicate via discussion forums and blogs, can share documentation, pictures and videos, share events in a calendar, map content using the community Peace Map, edit documents together, and more. This is an ideal way to make collaboration with people and organisations working all over the world more efficient.

For example: GPPAC is using the GPPAC International Steering Group community to allows members from all over the world to communicate, collaborate, share and work on documents together with other GPPAC members. It mainly focuses on PME& Finance, Governance and logistical support of meeting.

Our Donors

The Peace Portal is an initiative of the GPPAC Foundation (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict), supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the City of The Hague. The Peace Portal has been developed in partnerships with other civil society organisations, inside and outside the Netherlands.

The City of The Hague

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs 

The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict