Provisional work plan for the PBCs 11th session 2017

This is the provisional 2017 work plan for PBC's 11th session under RoK's chairmanship. It will be further developed and circulated to PBC members on a quarterly basis.

PBC Organisational Committee meeting on 25 January

This was the first meeting of 11th session of the PBC OC. The outgoing PBC chair, H.E. Amb. Kamau of Kenya welcomed new members of the commission and oversaw the re-election of all current chairs...

PBC Working Group on Best Practices. The Challenge of Sustaining Peace - Role of PBC in mission drawdowns

The second meeting on transitions by the PBC WGBP focused on how the tools identified in the first meeting could be applied in the upcoming transitions in Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire and Guinea Bissau....

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Photo credit: UN PBSO