Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

It must integrate the successive recommendations from the civil society advisors from 2010 onwards including the 1325+15 report by Radhika Coomaraswamy as many of these recommendations have not been operationalised.

Lucy Nusseibeh

UN reform can help by drawing attention to the inequalities and injustices of women generally and of Palestinian women living under Israeli occupation in particular.  Since women bring their own perspectives, more gender equality will bring a significantly broader and more inclusive perspective into all they do. Since SGBV is a tool as well as a result of war that increases with the "new wars" that target civilians much more than the military, this needs to be among the top priorities of reform and to be tackled from every angle and prevented.

Ana Villellas Ariño

This reform constitutes an opportunity for moving from diluted gender mainstreaming to effective mainstreaming and an integrated approach. Expected further collaboration across the pillars of the UN work, can result in strengthening much needed synergies and interlinks across agendas and actors and, consequently, it can reinforce women's effective participation in CP/PB and prevention of SGBV.

The system-wide strategy on gender parity is expected to bring out an institutional culture change that should also result in more effective and sustainable equal participation of women in CP.

Pamhidzai Taka

  • Women will gain knowledge from the empowerment programmes which will enable them to say no to any form of violence.

  • Women need to be empowered economically so that they can have access to resources and engage in income generating activities that will improve their household income which will make them desist from SGBV because of want. This would reduce DV in the homes and SGBV also as women will divert their energies towards poverty alleviation activities.

  • Justine Kwachu Ngum Kumche

    Offering everyone the opportunity to learn about conflict prevention and the prevention of SGBV strategies irrespective of their gender will allow for effective commitment to ending gender-based violence as this affects everyone directly or indirectly. Increased empowerment of all genders on the principles and values of peace as well as in conflict prevention strategies will enhance the effective participation and sustainable solutions.

    Educating populations on the current UN reform and making resources available will also promote its objectives.

    Regional Liaison Officer
    MENA Region (Lebanon)

    Teresa Biscosi

    "Real change only happens
    when women's participation is taken

    seriously in every political programme.
    It's not enough 
    to partly include 
    women and leave major 
    to men. "



    Teresa Biscosi

    First of all, it is important to raise awareness on gender equality. This is the first measure to be taken and this reform can definitely enhance the spreading of ideas both on the theoretical and the practical level. Also, this reform can invite women to take part in CP processes as it enhances their own empowerment. Further, it can be useful to the new generation to grow up in an environment where both women and men share tasks and roles.

    A real change only happens if women's participation is taken seriously in every political programme. It is not enough to include women in just parts of the process and leave major decision-making to men only. Effective change needs to apply a gender perspective in every field and promote the inclusion of women on a daily basis. In order to do so, raising awareness in society and challenging existing stereotypes are important necessary steps forward.

    Visaka Dharmadasa

     UN must appoint more women to lead delegations, as special envoys and
        mediators and facilitators of peace processes

     UN must ask member states to appoint more women for leadership positions in peace  
        processes and post conflict reconciliation processes

     UN must take all necessary steps to make a gender balance in all engagements

     Reforms should look into increasing women in UN peacekeeping, because it can help
        address the issue of violence against women in post war settings

    Natalya Martirosya

    It is critically important that the UN has included gender equality and equal participation of women in conflict prevention and prevention of SGBV to the list of priorities for its reform. However, all of this will remain at a level of wishful thinking if no appropriate mechanisms will be developed and effective tools are applied for the practical implementation at global, regional and local levels.

    Sajida Abdulvahabova

    Recommendations of UNSCR 1325 and 1820 need to be integrated into the analysis of the country strategy papers and include earmarked financial resources to support local women's organizations in implementing UNSCR 1325 and 1820.