How It Works

Note: the contest closed on August 31, 2011.

Here you can find exactly how the contest works and how to submit your entry.

After reading the Guidelines and clicking on "Submit Your Story", you will be able to edit and enter your story in the editor, and you will be asked to upload your pictures. You must then fill in a form with information about you and references to verify your story. Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and submitted your story, you will receive a confirmation message thanking you for your participation. At this moment, the Peace Portal Team will check whether the entry complies with the preconditions, and you will receive a notification thereof.

If it does not comply, you will receive a notification and get another chance of submitting it again, in accordance with the Preconditions. If it complies, you will receive a confirmation of approval and your story is published on the Peace Portal. Now you can ask your friends to vote for your story via Facebook or Twitter!

Submission process:

  1. Upload story and pictures
  2. Fill in the form 
  3. Accept terms and conditions
  4. Confirmation of submission
  5. Notification of approval
  6. Verification email

The winners will be announced on September 21st 2011! You will receive an email with all the names of the winners.

The status of your entry at that moment is "Verification in Progress", which means that the Peace Portal Team is working to verify the trustworthiness of the source and the authenticity of the story. Only after this process has successfully taken place and the entry complies with the detailed terms and conditions, it will be marked as "Verified" and officially enters the competition with a chance of winning the prize. If, after this process, the trustworthiness and authenticity cannot be verified, the Peace Portal Team will mark the entry as "Not Verified", and notify and ask you for extra references or proof.

What do we verify and how?
With verification we mean checking whether:
1. the person that uploaded the story can be considered a trustworthy source of information
2. the story is true /authentic

As our main prize is for the stories to be published in a book, stricter rules apply, and credibility of the person and story are important. For publication it is essential for us to try to prevent problems such as:

  • participants using stories of other organizations as their own
  • participants using stories on behalf of an organization without that organization's permission
  • untrue stories entering the competition and being published
  • the spread of false information
  • identity fraud
  • copyright infringements

We assess the likelihood of the story to be true by checking the references (to names or organizations) in the story and those provided in the form, assess whether it is realistic (conceivable) and check whether there is no identity fraud. We may also ask local GPPAC partner organizations that are in a good position to do so for references in the region. In addition, we have included measures intended to prevent (unintentional) infringement on the copyright of pictures. Although the Peace Portal Team is dedicated to prevent any abuse, it cannot give a 100% guarantee that it will not occur. For that reason, the responsibility of such abuse or infringements lies solely with the person who violates the Terms and Conditions in this respect.

Verification Process Explained
1. Submitting your story
First, the Peace Portal Team makes sure that the entry complies with the main conditions, as this is a precondition before being published on the Peace Portal. All participants will receive notification of whether their story has passed this screening and is published online or not.

2. Verification process
Subsequently, a verification process will take place. Next to each story, the Peace Portal will show the status of the verification process. This always starts with "Verification in progress", and changes to "Verified" or "Not Verified", after such verification has taken place.

‘Verified'  In order for a story to qualify as 'Verified' it is necessary that the entry complies fully and strictly with all the Terms and Conditions, and the source and story are deemed reliable and authentic respectively.

'Not Verified' If a story cannot be verified, it will be marked 'Not Verified' , and the participant concerned will be notified thereof via email and offered the opportunity to provide additional proof of veracity. 

'Verification in progress'  It will remain tagged as 'Verification in progress' as long as the Peace Portal has not designated the entry as either "Verified" or "Not Verified".

If a story is found untrue, or is of an untrustworthy source, the Peace Portal Team may flag or remove it, and notify the participant concerned. At all times users have the right to comment, rate, vote, and flag any story. This may be taken into account in the verification process.